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Toward an Epicurean Scholarly Practice

To be a scholar is to accept certain ascetic practices—this is an economic constraint as well as a voluntary and cultic self-discipline. The economic constraint comes via several forms of artificial scarcity: the shrinking public investment in education, the insistence that more educational … Continue reading

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American Dreams in China: Challenges of the Transnational University

The film American Dreams in China (2013) is a Chinese film about upward mobility that will feel familiar to most Americans. It’s sort of a Horatio Alger story about getting rich, sort of a Great Gatsby tale of disillusionment with … Continue reading

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Leonard Woolf: was it luck?

Leonard Woolf’s father was a fine lawyer, but there’s nothing else in his background that would have led you to predict he’d be at the center of so much British artistic and intellectual life of the 20th century. He seems—as … Continue reading

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