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Inability to resist “Hannah Arendt”

I have a feeling that some of my posts will end on a cynical or critical note, so it is really my duty to say when I just can’t resist a movie. Fortunately, extreme emotions of all kinds are permissible … Continue reading

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“True Blood” and the concentration camp

Maybe I’m one of the few people still interested in HBO’s “True Blood,” a show a friend of mine recently dismissed for its “allegorical promiscuity.”  This is a far more devastating point than merely disliking the depiction of actual promiscuity, … Continue reading

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How depressing is “Elysium”?

Of course I was going to see Elysium: it’s got Matt Damon in it, and I love science fiction. The movie’s world is divided vividly and cynically into haves and have-nots—the spinning satellite Elysium, a vacuously authoritarian offworld oligarchy, and … Continue reading

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First !!1!!!111!

An experiment in trying to create a respectable professional profile, despite years of having had one’s brain liquefied by a combination of LOLcat speak, early political economy, and German idealism.

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